What is racial harassment?

A possible definition of racial harassment could be described as follows: ‘Racial harassment is a harassment suffered by individuals or groups, because of their skin colour, nationality, race, ethnic or national origins. The harassment may be in words or physical and it can also include attacks on property’.

The Macpherson Inquiry into the murder of Stephen Lawrence suggested that the definition of a racist incident is: ‘Any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person’.

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Welcome to civil rights London

Race and Equality in London

Our charity was established in central London in the late 1980s by campaigners in the community and lawyers who wanted to challenge the increase of racial prejudice in the area.

We have become a top anti-racist charity that champions civil rights.

We work across the United Kingdom via our network of satellite offices situated in Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Plymouth, Brixton and Southampton. Our main office is in London.

Our goals are:

 a. To champion race relations

 b. To improve race relations by educating and raising awareness

 c. To relieve the requirements of those who are aggrieved or enduring violence or assault

We are an exponent of family-run empowerment and justice schemes in the United Kingdom. Since the 7/7 Bombings we have worked with the families of victims from the carnage as well as Black Minority and Ethnic and Muslim groups and individuals who are affected by random state-led policies in London, Midlands and the North.

Our group currently receives over one thousand calls annually on its helpline from people enduring racial violence, religious contempt, sexual violence and neglect or misconduct by the state. A central reason for the group’s longevity is the involvement of affected people in its management, employee and volunteering structures. It has managed to develop several innovative schemes serving “hard to reach communities” such as youths in Yorkshire, the traveller and gypsy communities in the Lincolnshire area and victims of racial violence in the countryside as well as the refugee and migrant people in the South West and Black & Ethnic Minority people in Great Britain.

Racial harassment can take place in a variety of forms. The following are some instances of racial assault. Unprovoked harassment including standard assault; actual physical harm; and grievous bodily harm. Damage to buildings including breaking entrances and fences within the perimeter of the house concerned. The writing of slogans and/or graffiti of a racist tone within or in the proximity of the perimeter of the building concerned. Arson or attempted arson.